Cash for Cleaning Scheme

July 2018

Cash for Cleaning Scheme

Lifting the burden of cleaning so we can focus more of our energy on caring.

I am writing to you to ask if you would be prepared to give a small amount to help us cover the cost of cleaning the premises here at Brookside Methodist Church?

It is wonderful that we can offer our premises to be used by so many different groups., but not surprisingly, keeping the building clean is a challenge. Thus far this has been met by volunteer cleaning teams. However, as we reflect on our purpose as a church, we know that our focus needs to be on worship, learning, caring, service, and, generally, loving people into our church family and it is apparent that we are spending time and energy on trying to keep up with the cleaning that we could direct elsewhere.

Our cleaning teams will continue to cover some of the tasks, but our vision is to employ a cleaning company who will take over more of this work. After careful consideration and prayer, we have made the decision to go ahead. Rather than meet the costs of this from our existing budget (which is limited) we hope to subsidise this by inviting donations. Our target is £3000 for the year.

We would welcome any pledges towards this work. If you would be willing, please complete this the response form. 

Rev Langley. Minister, Brookside Methodist Church

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