Winter Night Shelter ~ an update October 2019

UPDATE ON WINTER NIGHT SHELTER  Hello my friends, it is now getting colder in the evenings and it won't be long before we are again taking part in the Winter Night Shelter, this will be our 6th winter.  The work of the shelter has been going from strength to strength, last year it operated over 18 weeks (we took part in 13 of these) and this year it has been extended to 20 weeks so that it will actually finish in Holy Week, with the last night for our guests being Easter Sunday.   Because so many other churches have now become involved we are only covering 11 weeks this year on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings, and our first week will start on the 14th December.

Thanks to your generosity over Harvest we already have a very good stock of food, although we do still welcome further donations particularly of coffee, squash and biscuits.   However we still have to buy fresh food every week, so if you are able to help in any way with a financial donation to the night shelter (we are still managing to provide 2 meals for each guest for only £3.50), then this would be most welcome.   Envelopes are available or donations can be given to either the stewards or to me.

The project operates under the umbrella of The Light Project Peterborough and last winter a day centre, The Garden House, was opened to help the homeless with many of the issues that they have. This has been tremendously successful, so much so that the Council now have staff operating from here and help with the funding and so the centre has been able to continue all through the summer and for the foreseeable future.

Our night shelter has been so successful that it has been used as a model for other night shelters throughout the country.    Please continue to pray for both the night shelter and The Garden House.  Many, many thanks for the support that you have given to both the project and to me over the years that we have been taking part in this important Christian project. Sue Grice

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