Brookside Methodist Church

Through God's Grace we seek to make Brookside Methodist Church a place for everyone to come together and allow Jesus and the Holy Spirit to make a lasting difference in our lives, community and church.

Governance of Brookside Methodist Church


Four documents have been prepared which set out details of the way in which Brookside Methodist Church is administered, and of the duties and responsibilities of those who hold posts and appointments within the church.

This is to enable members, post holders and appointment holders to understand the responsibilities, and the limits of those responsibilities, that they are asked to undertake as volunteers.

Please click on the links below to open any of the documents.

1.  Governance Document - Sets out the responsibilities of the leaders, stewards, post and appointment holders and committees of Brookside Methodist Church.  /content/pages/documents/1466805049.pdf

2.  List of Post Holders and Appointments at November 2016. To be updated

3.  Guidelines for Pastoral Carers.  /content/pages/documents/1466805358.pdf

4.  Stewards' Duties and Managing the Service.  /content/pages/documents/1466805421.pdf

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