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Pre-school Award - EQuiP

An Award For Brookside Pre-School

We are very proud to inform everyone that we have been awarded the EQuIP Excellence certificate by the Local Authority after a a lot of hard work by all the staff.  EQuiP stands for Ensuring Quality in Peterborough and is the Local Authority’s own quality improvement programme for nursery’s and pre-school’s who can use it to reflect on their practice to ensure they are providing a quality service. During this time we have evaluated and reflected on ten areas of practice.  This resulted in various action plans to improve the practice within the setting.  We have had various meetings and visits from the Local Authority Early Years Team to monitor the process which culminated in a panel meeting in September when the decision was made to make the award. 

We have extended our thanks to all of our parents and carers who support us so well in the work we do with their children and would also like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to everyone in the wider church community who also support us so well.  We hope you will share in our excitement!

If you are not really sure what work the pre-school does for local children and families please feel free to contact Helen Jacklin on 07563 721409 who will happily tell you more or arrange for you to visit us one morning.

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