Brookside Methodist Church

Through God's Grace we seek to make Brookside Methodist Church a place for everyone to come together and allow Jesus and the Holy Spirit to make a lasting difference in our lives, community and church.

Brookside's History

Our Past

Brookside Methodist Church exists as a result of the amalgamation of three churches in the New England, Walton and Werrington areas. The name Brookside was decided upon in view of the nearby brook that runs alongside the open space.

Opened in 1976 it has provided a place of worship for countless thousands of residents and visitors alike.

From its earliest days the church flourished, many of the organisations that meet today started in those early days.

By 1991 there were 200 hundred worshippers every Sunday trying to fit into an area designed for 125 so an extension was built to cater for the larger number. When the church reopened on 19 January 1991 there were 275 people comfortably seated.

Our Present

Whilst we accept the roots of our past we also move with the times.

In addition to our traditional Sunday services we now hold Messy Church on the first Sunday and Cafe Worship usually on the third Sunday of each month.

Music comes from the traditional church organ but there is a grand piano and electric piano available for use by our musicians.  We also use CDs and videos to accompany hymns.

Our worship is enhanced by a P.A. system which has been known to manage up to ten feeds from radio, roving and standard microphones. The worship area is also fitted with a loop system for those with hearing aids.

Multi-media is used to project words and images each Sunday.

During the week our premises are used by many people and organisations covering all ages. A recent count showed over 400 people come through our doors each week. Please see our Activities page, and Calendar to see the many things that take place for young and old. We are sure that you will find something of interest. 

Things To Look For

 The sOur Stained Glass Windowtained glass windows -

  these were installed in 1987. 



   The Peterborough Banner -

  this was embroidered in 1989 and depicts well-known Peterborough

  landmarks, how many will you recognise?



Engraved Window -

you will see this above the entrance to the worship area and was engraved in 2001.

Our Future

The members of Brookside have been worshipping and celebrating God's good news since 1976. Since those days there have been many changes and some of the ways we worship has reflected that, as can be seen from the varied services we hold.

Only God knows what lies in store for Brookside and we, his people, look to serve Him and the surrounding community for many more years to come.

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